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Our Mission:
The mission of the PediaNetwork® is to provide consumers with EXACTLY the information they want, EXACTLY when they want it, from an independent third-party consumers can trust and remember, about the products and services that consumers want to buy.

The PediaNetwork® publishes consumer information encyclopedias on products and services, as well as the companies that provide them. The PediaNetwork® is 100% consumer aligned, 100% transparent and fully embraces the Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) principles and goals.

Wherever consumers encounter the PediaNetwork® logo, they can be assured that the information has been screened for high-value and accuracy, and that consumers always have control over all aspects of the information. The PediaNetwork® employs a self-correcting mechanism that gives consumers ("anyone, anywhere, at anytime") the right to object to any information they believe is not credible and the PediaNetwork® will contact the provider who will then have the option to "substantiate, modify or pull" the information.

The PediaNetwork® embraces all of the principles and goals of Project VRM, consumers can be assured that the PediaNetwork® is AT ALL TIMES - pro-consumer. No "native ads" - no "surveillance" - nothing consumers don't want. Consumers at all times have complete control over their data and may opt-in or opt-out of all options at their sole discretion.

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PediaNetwork® Marketing News:
The Battle Begins
17 Oct 2017 at 12:01am
A few weeks ago, in a blog post entitled "The Battle Of The Century, " I wrote about the lobbying battle that is brewing over the EU's proposed ePrivacy Regulation.If adopted the ePrivacy Regulation, along with the GDPR (General Data Protection Re...
When Data Is Dangerous
9 Oct 2017 at 12:01am
It has become an article of faith in the marketing business that the future of marketing is about data. "Data are to this century what oil was to the last one: a driver of growth and change," says The Economist.Scientific American says, "The digit...
Yahoo: Incompetent, Irresponsible, And Dangerous
5 Oct 2017 at 12:01am
If you would like an example of how the online ad industry's insatiable lust for "data" - usually just a pleasanter term for personal private information about us - has defiled our society and undermined our right to privacy, look no further than ...
From Amazing To Appalling
4 Oct 2017 at 12:01am
It was all going to be so amazing. It all sounded so great. Advertising was going to be amazing.People weren't going to just look at online ads, they were going to interact with them.People were going to go online and ?join the conversation? about...
Doomed: Why The Current Model Of Online Advertising Can't Survive
27 Sep 2017 at 12:01am
The current model of online advertising -- based on the 3-headed monster of tracking, surveillance marketing, and ad tech -- is unsustainable and will not survive.The forces against it are building and will shake up the advertising and marketing i...

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