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Our Mission:
The mission of the PediaNetwork® is to provide consumers with EXACTLY the information they want, EXACTLY when they want it, from an independent third-party consumers can trust and remember, about the products and services that consumers want to buy.

The PediaNetwork® publishes consumer information encyclopedias on products and services, as well as the companies that provide them. The PediaNetwork® is 100% consumer aligned, 100% transparent and fully embraces the Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) principles and goals.

Wherever consumers encounter the PediaNetwork® logo, they can be assured that the information has been screened for high-value and accuracy, and that consumers always have control over all aspects of the information. The PediaNetwork® employs a self-correcting mechanism that gives consumers ("anyone, anywhere, at anytime") the right to object to any information they believe is not credible and the PediaNetwork® will contact the provider who will then have the option to "substantiate, modify or pull" the information.

The PediaNetwork® embraces all of the principles and goals of Project VRM, consumers can be assured that the PediaNetwork® is AT ALL TIMES - pro-consumer. No "native ads" - no "surveillance" - nothing consumers don't want. Consumers at all times have complete control over their data and may opt-in or opt-out of all options at their sole discretion.

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PediaNetwork® Marketing News:
The Zuckerberg File
20 Nov 2018 at 4:29pm
Over the years this blog has written a lot of nasty things about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. As the world is coming to realize what a toxic pile of crap Facebook is, I thought we'd collect some of our favorites in one place.Here you go:On respon...
Totalitarian Marketing
22 Oct 2018 at 7:01am
This post is adapted from my book "BadMen: How Advertising Went From A Minor Annoyance To A Major Menace."Advertising used to be concerned with imparting information. Today it is concerned with collecting information.Online advertising, the predom...
The History Of The Future
15 Oct 2018 at 7:01am
If you go to marketing or advertising conferences the first thing you notice is that every genius with a Powerpoint deck is an expert on the future.I attend way more conferences than is healthy.  I've been averaging about 12 of these a year, as sp...
What's There To Laugh About?
8 Oct 2018 at 7:01am
Laughing@Advertising is my new book. Yes, this time I've gone too far.It's a collection of my most irresponsible and inappropriate blog posts, essays, and cave drawings. You might say it's 200 pages of insults, wise-cracks, cheap shots, and dirty ...
Soul Of A Subversive
4 Oct 2018 at 7:01am
I was recently asked to explain what I do and why I do it. This always gets me mildly uncomfortable and sets me thinking.I know this sounds pompous, but the short answer is that I want to use whatever limited abilities I have to be a subversive fo...

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