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Provide US with YOUR EXPERTISE – We’ll give YOU a BRAND & REVENUE!

Everyone says "Content is King," however as every writer learns from experience, that doesn't necessarily pay the bills. Writers have historically been under appreciated and the Internet has only magnified the situation.

The fact is, without a "Brand" that consumers perceive to be credible and authoritative - content, particularly on the Internet, simply disappears into the blizzard of content being created every second.

The PEDIANETWORK® provides writers with the ultimate organic consumer credibility and authenticity to make their content "King." By publishing high-value content under the PEDIA® and PEDIANETWORK® Brands, writers can assure themselves of the following:
1. Consumers will organically perceive the content to be credible and authentic.
2. Consumers will organically perceive the content to be independent third-party, higher authority content.
3. High value content published under a PEDIA® Brand will last forever and will be organically perceived to be #1 and #2 above FOREVER.

Not bad for a simple 5-letter Brand.

Publishing your content under a PEDIANETWORK® Brand not only provides you with all of the above, but it also provides you with the opportunity to share in both the ad revenue generated by your content AND any associated transactions that may be generated by your content. And all of this is on a non-exclusive basis - which means that you can maximize your reach and revenue capabilities.

If you are a writer that creates or has created "high-value" content and you are seeking an opportunity to maximize your profile and revenue potential, please contact us with a sample of your writing (or link to your existing content) and we will review your work and get back to you.

In the meantime please review the following information about the PEDIA® and PEDIANETWORK® Brands:
PediaNetwork® Patent Application - here
Network Science Whitepaper - here

The following explain the "Power of Pedia" in detail:
SuperBrand.net reading list, Superbrand description and FAQ
MarketingPedia.com - Culture of Firsts

Advertising Perspective:
AdContrarian here
Marketing experts videos can be found here

If you or your company has a passion for a specific product, service or itellectual property, and would like to become a Content Providers for the PediaNetwork®, please fill out the form below. We will reply to inquiries that have strong online media qualifications. By becoming a PediaNetwork® Content Provider, we'll discuss with you sharing our Ad Revenues on the pages of content you provide.

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